tori harris digital marketing

I didn’t study marketing, or learn how to build a business from scratch with no budget I learned by doing it. I made mistakes, some cost money some cost time. But one thing I did do was learn – a lot! I learnt how to get my website to rank in Google for my keywords, I learnt how to get my website found for free. Which is one of the most valuable resources. Whether that’s investment in time on social media or SEO on your website, or both. I’m now helping other start ups and small business do the same.  Rightly or wrongly we all use social media to make assumptions about the success and trustworthyness of a business, what does yours say about you?

The team

Tori Harris

Tori is the small business coach, social strategist and SEO specialist. Having spent a decade leveraging free tools available to business through website development and organic social media to build two very successful business.  Tori has worked with a whole host of different business in different fields to help them leverage organic social media and SEO to drive sales and leads. 

Proofreader/ social strategist

Connie holds a first-class degree in Neuroscience from the University of Manchester, which was her first introduction to the world of academic writing. After university, she worked in academic publishing as an editorial officer, where she proofread and edited papers for publication in multiple academic journals. 

Graphic Design

Lea is a graphic designer who has designed logos, branding packs, ready made instagram templates and all sorts of other useful tools coming soon to our shop and available on Etsy.  She also collaborates with us on multiple projects when clients need personalised graphics.  Lea also runs some of the social media accounts we manage and is a huge fan of making Reels!