In todays culture the number of followers you have on Instagram means more than ever before. 

When someone discovers your business whether it’s through Google, recommendation or any other means more often than not they will also look up your business on social media. 


There are two main options for social media – strategy or management.
A brief outline of the services is below or see our prices here.


Our social media strategy package includes a full review of what you’ve done so far (if anything) and what’s worked and what hasn’t then a full guide on how to build on this and how to move forward and progress your accounts visibility. 

Once the strategy is complete you will be responsible for implementing it so some knowledge of social media accounts and how they work is preferable. The strategy won’t be a dummies guide to social media, more how to leverage your accounts so you will need to know or at least be aware of the difference between a post and a reel. 

Strategies work great for businesses who have a staff member who has time and/or enjoys social media. We’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to succeed but it’s a cost effective method if you have the time to manage it yourself. If not perhaps management is what you need…


If you’re too busy to post on social media or if the thought of managing your own social media profiles is daunting then social media management is for you. As with the strategy package we’ll start with a full review and then we’ll devise a strategy, target audience if you don’t have one and tone of voice to use across social media for you to approve. Then we’ll manage your social accounts for you – it’s as easy as that. You can have as much or as little involvement as you want. We usually schedule weekly or monthly meetings to catch up on what’s new in your business and anything we should be promoting.

Usually we’ll review your strategy every 3-6 months as we build your profile up and as your business grows.  Some changes will be minor some may be bigger changes but all of this will be done via zoom reviews.