Why is SEO so important?

Do I really need to worry about SEO?

We’ve heard a lot of reasons for not being concerned about SEO in the past from “we’re not looking for that many leads – we want quality over quantity” to “If we write for SEO we loose the brands voice”… the list goes on. SEO shouldn’t mean your brand sounds different and it probably wont mean you are overloaded with leads either but it is important and here’s why:

So, what is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimisation, or in other words how google finds the answer when you type in a question. So why is this important for you? Well let’s assume for a minute you are a bride looking for a wedding dress and you don’t know where to shop you may google “best wedding dress shops in London” if you did it’s highly likely one of your top search results will be my bridal shop The Boutique & Co. Not because anyone else has listed us as one of the best wedding dress shops (these lists on newspaper websites or blogs are generally paid for advertisements) but because we built “Best wedding dress shops London” into our SEO strategy. Clever hey!

Googling something doesn’t mean it’s a definitive truth, of course The Boutique & Co genuinely is one of the best wedding shops in London, but there are many ways to use SEO to your advantage.

Why SEO?

If you have a product or a service the easiest customer to sell to is someone who is already looking for your product or service. If you’re constantly trying to sell to someone who’s not sure whether they need your product or not it’s exhausting. If someone is searching for something similar for example “handmade coffee table” and they come across your website you are far more likely to sell to them.

If you have a viable product or service there will be people out there already looking for your product or something similar. SEO means that when they look they’ll find you and is one step closer towards a sale.

Time investment

Unlike many social media platforms where posts have a lifespan of 1-2 hours SEO maintains it’s benefit for life. While SEO alone wont build you a successful business it should be a key part of your plan.

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